The Mosquito Militia Vision: 

  • "Serving Customers by Providing Solutions from Expert Professionals and Experiences with Service Excellence they count on for their benefit and ours.


#1.  THE CUSTOMER - "Serving customers" are the first 2 words in our vision statement for a reason.  We are people serving people. It is who we are and what we do. We believe in giving our customers what they deserve.  Each customer deserves the best. The best products and the best service. They pay for it, therefore, deserve it. The best. We listen to their needs and provide solutions.

#2.  THE SOLUTION - "Providing Solutions"  is what we do best alongside with serving customers. Every property is different and every solution will not look same from one client to another. We work with the client to investigate their needs by listening to their problem and implement action with the best solution possible. 

#3.  THE EXPERT, PRO's and EXPERIENCE - anyone or any group of people can promise you they know how to get rid of the mosquito problem you are having but the unfortunate part about this is all they care about is your money.  Our staff is trained with over 10 years of experience and entomologists who have made a career out of creating and discovering solutions that not only work but are safe and legal.  We are honest and people trust us. This is one of the main reason our clients count on us. 

#4. THE SERVICE WITH EXCELLENCE  - have you ever had a bad customer service experience? Isn't it disappointing.  We are in the service business and we not commit to be professional in all that we do but our customers deserve service with excellence, nothing less. We are authentic here at Mosquito Militia.  Our service experience to our clients is the highest priority. If we are providing you with the service at highest quality you deserve then we are doing one main part of our job. 

#5. COUNT ON US - the other main part of our job is to do the job you hired us for.  People look to us. We believe that when we do our job, work with excellence, providing the solution to get the job done, then people can count on us. 

#6.  FOR YOU and US - this is simple. We are in the business for customer. We are confident and strongly convinced if we do our part in taking care of our customers they will benefit from our service and our business will benefit from them.  The great quote is true "you reap what you sow".  Our business is about you and taking care of you. If we do our job, and you feel we have done so, all we ask is to tell somebody about it. After all we love organic growth and to hear new people call us for service they need and to tell us they heard about us through one of our current clients, this give us tremendous joy.